A Partner is created in the Partner Portal. Partners can administer their customers and, if enabled, can create child Partners to further extend their sales channels.

For each Partner, a Partner Portal Admin user is created. Once created, the Admin users can log in to the Partner Portal to manage and monitor their Partners and Customers. In addition, the definitions of what the partner can sell and what are his entitlements are defined in the Contract created between the two partners.

A Partner is added to the system by using the Create Partner Wizard in the Partner Portal. This involves the following:

Partners can create both Partners and Customers under their licenses. The creating Partner can pass on only those licenses that are active in their own account.

When a Partner logs on the home page a list of all their sub-partners and customers can be seen. A Partner tree might look as follows:


The work space on the home page has 4 tabs:

To create a new Partner

  1. In the Partners & Customers pane, select the level to create the new Partner and click Add Partner.

    A Partner can be created under a Partner but not under a Customer. 

  2. The workspace displays the Add New Partner window.
  3. Under the Account Information pane, enter the Partner’s Name and Region.The Partner’s Parent Name is automatically displayed.
  4. Under the Administrator’s pane, enter the email address of the local administrator. The Parent’s administrator is automatically displayed.
  5. Click Next in the lower right corner of the workspace.
  6. Click the Contract tab, which has two sections:
  7. Select or unselect products and permissions as required by the contract.
  8. Click Create.The workspace displays a successful creation notice.
  9. Select the new Partner in the Pages list to continue configuring the Partner’s parameters. Refer to Configuring New Partner/Customer Settings.

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