The Partner Portal is a user-friendly, web-based interface that enables Partners to manage and monitor Partners and Customers in their sales channels. The Partner Portal contains the following elements:

Information Bar: The information bar at the top of the Partner Portal contains the following elements:

Note: Availability of this link will be based on permissions granted to the partner.

Search field: enables you to search for a Partner or Customer by name (or partial name). Results of the search are highlighted throughout the Partners and Customers tree and relevant nodes are displayed.

Partners and Customer Tree: a hierarchical display of Parent Partners and the Child Partners and Customers that appear under them. The list is context-sensitive, meaning that as you click on a Partner or Customer, the resulting display for other parts of the page reflect that selection. You can click   to expand or   to collapse elements of the tree.

Note: The Partners and Customers Tree is context-sensitive. This means that as you click on elements of the tree, other elements in the page will reflect that choice and display the appropriate information, while other non-relevant information may not be available.

Display window: the large central area of the page display the various tabs and reports for selected Partners and Customers. In this area, you can define new Partners and/or Customers, issue or renew licenses, re-brand application settings, and view recent performance reports.

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