The Cyren Cloud Security platform integrates traditionally distinct silos of Internet security on a unified cloud service platform operated from a global network of fully redundant data centers. Near-zero latency, high availability, and on-demand scalability supporting distributed organizations and roaming users are key architectural attributes of the Cyren Web Security service. An integrated management dashboard allows administrators to see at a glance the standard and advanced threats blocked by both the web and email security services. The platform also includes a common policy framework across web and email security, as well as integrated reporting, customer onboarding and license management. Underlying these integrated Internet security services, the Cyren GlobalView Threat Intelligence Cloud delivers the industry's fastest time to detection and to protection by processing and correlating threat data across more than 17 billion web, email and DNS transactions every day.

Cyren Email Security

Cyren Email Security is a cloud-based service designed to protect organizations from spam, malware and phishing and ensure uninterrupted email communications, and offers a fully integrated, inline cloud-based sandboxing. 

Cyren Email Security examines email at many levels for the key characteristics of spam, phishing, and virus outbreaks, including applying Cyren-patented techniques to email distribution patterns globally. Such pattern detection, in addition to signature-based and heuristics-based detection methods provides high-quality detection for reliable differentiation between certainly undesired (spam, phishing and malware outbreaks) and possibly desired bulk emails.  

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