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The Licenses area of the Account tab on the Settings page, provides information about the current service subscriptions. The information in this section cannot be edited and is managed by the Customer's Partner. This area includes: 

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Product Area

Details the product licensed by the organization (for example, Web Security Plus, Web Security Public - DNS & HTTP, Web Security Advanced, Email Security Plus, Email Security Standard, etc.). For more information, see Licensing Options.

Note: Update the help Click  for details of the services included in the product license (for example, URL filtering, content filtering, safe search, advanced security categories, mobile support, Advanced Threats Protection, etc.).


Read-only field that displays the license type (Evaluation, Production, etc.).

 Created On

Read-only field that displays the date on which the license was created. This value may be the same as the Start Date or, if the Start Date is set to a later date, the Created On value may differ from the Start Date value.

 License ID

Read-only field that displays a unique license identification number.


 Read-only field that displays the duration of the license period (30 days, 1 year, etc.).

Partner ID

Read-only field that displays a unique ID number for the Parent Partner.

Start Date

Read-only field that displays the first day on which the license will be activated.

Metrics by

Read-only field that details the metrics assigned to this license and the values associated to them (for example, Bandwidth, Users, transactions, etc.). For more information, see Metrics Options.

Expiration Date

The Expiration Date is automatically calculated based on the Start date and subscription duration.