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The Partner Portal is a user-friendly, web-based interface that enables Partners to manage and monitor Partners and Customers in their sales channels. The Partner Portal contains the following elements:

Information Bar: The information bar at the top of the Partner Portal contains the following elements:

  • Home icon (): returns you to the partner organization to whom the logged-in Administrator belongs.
  • + Partner and + Customer options for quick access to wizards to create new Partners and Customers. When clicked, the new entity will be created below the currently selected Partner. For example, if you click on a Partner and click Customer, the Web Security service will create that Customer under the currently selected Partner. Note that you cannot create new Partners or Customers under a Customer.
  • Manage Service link: when you are focused on a Customer, the Manage Service link, located on the right side of the Information Bar, opens the Admin Console for that Customer. This enables you to monitor the customer's Web SaaS services. This link is not visible if you are focused on a Partner or if you do not have the necessary permissions for the selected entity.

Note: Availability of this link will be based on permissions granted to the partner.

Search field: enables you to search for a Partner or Customer by name (or partial name). Results of the search are highlighted throughout the Partners and Customers tree and relevant nodes are displayed.

Partners and Customer Tree: a hierarchical display of Parent Partners and the Child Partners and Customers that appear under them. The list is context-sensitive, meaning that as you click on a Partner or Customer, the resulting display for other parts of the page reflect that selection. You can click   to expand or   to collapse elements of the tree.

Note: The Partners and Customers Tree is context-sensitive. This means that as you click on elements of the tree, other elements in the page will reflect that choice and display the appropriate information, while other non-relevant information may not be available.

Display window: the large central area of the page display the various tabs and reports for selected Partners and Customers. In this area, you can define new Partners and/or Customers, issue or renew licenses, re-brand application settings, and view recent performance reports.

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