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The Cyren Cloud Security platform integrates traditionally distinct silos of Internet security on a unified cloud service platform operated from a global network of fully redundant data centers. Near-zero latency, high availability, and on-demand scalability supporting distributed organizations and roaming users are key architectural attributes of the Cyren Web Security service. An integrated management dashboard allows administrators to see at a glance the standard and advanced threats blocked by both the web and email security services. The platform also includes a common policy framework across web and email security, as well as integrated reporting, customer onboarding and license management. Underlying these integrated Internet security services, the Cyren GlobalView Threat Intelligence Cloud delivers the industry's fastest time to detection and to protection by processing and correlating threat data across more than 17 billion web, email and DNS transactions every day.

Customers can choose to activate both web and email security together, or just one of the services.

Cyren Web Security

Cyren Web Security provides a quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage SaaS secure web gateway that protects your users with inline protection from advanced malware, ransomware and phishing, no matter where they are or what device they use. Once your organization has redirected its web traffic through the Cyren Web Security cloud, your end-users' web traffic is quickly scanned with advanced URL filtering, web reputation, and anti-malware engines to provide comprehensive web protection. Cyren Sandboxing is also an integrated feature of Cyren Web Security.  Cyren Web Security includes integrated shadow IT discovery and control capabilities, which allow IT administrators to discover sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps in use by their organizations and apply policy-based access controls to those apps.


Cyren Email Security

Cyren Email Security is a cloud-based service designed to protect organizations from spam, malware and phishing and ensure uninterrupted email communications, and offers a fully integrated, inline cloud-based sandboxing. 

Cyren Email Security examines email at many levels for the key characteristics of spam, phishing, and virus outbreaks, including applying Cyren-patented techniques to email distribution patterns globally. Such pattern detection, in addition to signature-based and heuristics-based detection methods provides high-quality detection for reliable differentiation between certainly undesired (spam, phishing and malware outbreaks) and possibly desired bulk emails.  

Cyren DNS Security 

Cyren DNS Security is an automated, location-based service providing web filtering to manage  user web access and protect from malicious sites. It is intended to quickly and easily protect your employees at headquarters, visitors in your remote offices, customers at your retail stores, or students on a campus. Following a simple set-up the service blocks malicious phishing and botnet sites, can prevent users from accessing porn or gambling sites, enforces “safe search,” and ensures a good web experience for your users. No user authentication is required, and no configuration is required on user devices. The service manages access and protects for both HTTP and HTTPS sites.

Deploying the service requires simply pointing any wifi router or network’s DNS to Cyren’s secure DNS infrastructure, and the preferred uniform web access policies and web security are uniformly delivered to all users at any or all locations included. Even the most remote international offices can be protected in a matter of minutes. Log in to the management console and choose from five pre-packaged policy templates for a quick start, then customize as you go. Alternatively, customers can just “set and forget” with confidence, while the service secures the main office, remote branches, warehouses, or stores.

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