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The following items are recognized as system limitations and are unlikely to be fixed in future releases. If this is of concern to you or your end users, please contact Technical Support.

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When using the Productivity policy, streaming video (for example, from sites such as YouTube, Netfix, etc.) are blocked.

All HTTP traffic on mobile devices is policy enforced. Therefore, if you wish to enable streaming video, use a policy other than Productivity. You can modify Productivity and save it as another policy or choose another option.


End-users browsing to an IPV6-only site using T-Mobile service will not be subject to the corporate policies because T-Mobile sites force all IPV6 sites through their cellular network and the Web Security service does not support IPV6 through the mobile VPN.

Once you use IPV4, mobile VPN works as it should. A workaround can be done by creating a new Access Point Name (APN) that uses IPV4. T-Mobile's default APN only uses IPV6 with specific phones.



End users may receive an error message or a warning when browsing to a blocked HTTPS site via the DNS proxy. This is a result of a mismatch in servers and is a known system limitation.



When running Avast Secure with the Secure DNS option activated, this application overrides the Web Security Service response, returning a real IP address, rather than a blocked page that might be the correct result that reflects compliance with an organization’s defined policy.




When the SafeSearch option is on (Policies page), adult content is excluded from search results generated by the leading search engines (YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing). Because the WebSecurity service does not support SSL on mobile devices and Google search is SSL-based, adult content will not be excluded from the search results in Google.



When removing old versions of the WebSecurity Agent for Windows, some users found that the Agent did not properly uninstall. This caused an error message when trying to install a newer version.

Download the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility (MSICUU2.exe) or, for those running Office 2007 and later, download the Microsoft Fixit utility.


Using Internet Explorer 10, after a laptop is hibernated or put into sleep mode, restricted sites are accessible for an unspecified period of time.



iOS will not allow any 3rd party apps to open an external configuration file using the Chrome mobile browser. This means that end-users can download the iOS profile configuration but are unable to open the file.

As this is a known limitation, the only option is to use Safari.


Groups Reports Only Aggregate Direct “Children” data and not sub-levels.



Running the WebSecurity Service on a Nexus 5 with Android version 4.4.4 (Kitkat), the Sonos App does not work properly.



The Reports data for selected Partners displays aggregated data only for the direct tier Customers / Partners.

Rather than select the Parent Partner when you want to display aggregated data for a Child Partner or Customer, select the specific Customer/ Partner.

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