The Reports page consists of  the following:

Web Reports

The Web reports can assist you in monitoring Web Security performance, statistics, etc.

It can take as much as 2 to 20 minutes to generate some of the reports, depending on the options selected and the amount of data that needs to be included.

The Web Security Service maintains reports data to enable you to review past results and activity. Depending on the results, the reports data is stored for varying periods of time. For example, data required to generate reports according to hourly resolutions are stored for several days; data required to generate daily resolutions are stored for one month; and data required to generate monthly resolutions are stored for three years.  

The Web reports include:

Email Reports

The Email report includes:

Audit Log

An audit log report is a report that records all the actions that were performed in the Admin Console, which can help you find an error when troubleshooting, or show you how a user in your organization modified a resource.

The Audit Log report is accessed from the Reports page.

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