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Version 4.2.1

Cyren Cloud Security integrates all of Cyren’s SaaS security offerings on a unified platform, composed of the Web Security service, Email Security service, and the DNS Security service, along with integrated advanced threat protection and sandboxing capabilities.

Cyren Web Security

Cyren Web Security provides a quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage SaaS secure web gateway that protects your users with inline protection from advanced malware, ransomware and phishing, no matter where they are or what device they are using.  Advanced URL filtering, dynamic threat scoring, anti-malware inspection, cloud sandboxing,and cloud application security provide comprehensive web protection.

Cyren Email Security

Cyren Email Security is a cloud-delivered service designed to protect organizations from spam, malware and phishing and ensure uninterrupted email communications, and offers fully integrated, inline cloud sandboxing and message archiving and eDiscovery. Cyren Email Security examines email at many levels for the key characteristics of spam, phishing, and virus outbreaks, including applying Cyren-patented detection techniques to email distribution patterns globally.  

Cyren DNS Security 

Cyren DNS Security is an automated, location-based service providing web filtering to manage user web access and protect from malicious sites. It requires no user authentication and is intended to quickly and easily protect all users at your locations, such as your employees at headquarters, visitors in your remote offices, customers at your retail stores, or students on a campus. 

What's New?

This release mainly focuses on bug fixes, system maintenance and performance improvements.


  • A new Active Directory Synchronization agent version was released. The new version eliminated the need to collect

    unnecessary private data. Cyren recommends to install the new agent. Previous Active Directory Synchronization versions are compatibile.

Email Security

  • The Digest Interval was enhanced with new time parameters. The Administrator can select how often the digest can be received: twice a day, daily, weekly or never. 

Fixed Issues 

Admin Console

Reference #



In some cases, a "NoDisplay" category appeared when searching for a specicf URL category in the support widget.

WSA-10797Sandbox report accesibility issue was fixed.
WSA-10485Email log showed an undefined status message.
WSA-10575When searching for a long URL in the "check current category" in the support widget, an "API error" message appeared.
WSA-10645An error message "Error loading quqrantine users" was displayed, when the Quarantine option was selected with the approved domain.

The following data center locations where excluded from the list of available proxy data centers:

Italy, France and Spain.

Known Limitations

The following sections detail currently known limitations and, where available, a workaround and/or solution.

Admin Console 

Reference #




There are some limitations when defining "HTTPS" URLs in the proxy bypass table.

For more information see,

None at this time.


There is no correlation between the statistics API and the tracking API.

None at this time.


PAC file Bypass list is not supporting IPV6 ranges.

None at this time.


Cyren’s self-signed SSL certificate, issued by COMODO appears as “signed by unknown authority” when using Safari browser on Mac.

None at this time.


Transparent Authentication is not supported for users when their Web Security agent is run under a different user account simultaneously.

None at this time.


The Admin Console and Partner Portal are not supported when browsing from Mobile Devices.

Browse from the PC.


Lenovo System Update fails with error “unable to connect to proxy server.”

When trying to update, turnoff the proxy. Once the update has been completed, enable the proxy.

See also:


In the Account tab, the Administrators cannot edit email, or/and name.

Delete and recreate an administrator.


Several reports in the Admin Console Reports page are missing an option to specify a customized time period.

None at this time.


The Sandbox has no indication.

None at this time.


Validation cannot be performed when editing the primary/ secondary mail server in the Email Security under the Settings page.

None at this time.


When inserting the first letter in the field (for example: 'p') in the Block and Allow lists, an incorrect message is displayed.

None at this time.


Unable to present Sandbox events in statistics Graph and High severity Trend graph.

Unable to present Sandbox events in statistics Graph and High severity Trend graph.


Drill down from Overview threats circles to the tracking log is limited to a single filter within multiple filters category.

None at this time.


Overview refresh rate for email threats is 10 minutes and not real time.

None at this time.


Incoming Sandbox events logs are not displayed in tracking log and reports.

None at this time.

 End Users 

Reference #




When using Web Security service ensure that your browser supports third-party cookies.

Enable the third party cookies on your browser.


After updating the PAC file while working in Internet Explorer and Edge, changes do not take effect immediately.

Internet Explorer and Edge browser need to be closed and reopened.


While using the Safari browser you need to change Block Cookies to Never in order to work with the Web Security service.

Safari: Enable the Block cookies by selecting Never.


Welcome emails are being received by end-users in English, even when the default language is different.

None at this time.

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