Outgoing security is aimed to block outgoing threats including threat outbreaks, malware and spam that is being sent from within the organization to outbound customers, business peers and providers.

Since outgoing threats are sent by exploiting the organization`s legitimate email assets, the outcome of such exploitation is the reputation of the business, such exploitation is usually done by either BOTs implanted in the organization or by employees, or former employees with active credentials.
As of August 2017 all detailed features are enabled and enforced in outgoing protection.
The default action is `Reject` where messages will be blocked, and the Administrator can set the action to `Forward to` in order to review the relevant messages, and identify its source.

Usage Policy for outbound Email Protection Services

Email outbound business protection is aimed to protect the organization against unsolicited mail of various types. By definition Email business protection does not allow high volume and bulk mail to go out.

Sending high volume emails like spam, marketing and survey emails is strictly forbidden. In case of uncertainty, please contact the Cyren Support. 

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