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Partners have access to their sales network via the Partners and Customers Tree located in the left panel of the Partner Portal. The Partners and Customers Tree presents a hierarchical view of your sales channel. To view additional details, you can click on:

  • A Partner to see details of the Partner, and Child Partners and Customers within that sales channel.
  • A Customer to see details of that Customer account.
The Partners and Customers Tree is context-sensitive. This means that as you click on elements of the tree, other elements in the page will reflect that choice and display the appropriate information, while other non-relevant information may not be available.

The Reports page offers Partners a series of reports that help track licenses as well as monitor and review overall performance rates based on several variables. For the Customer, the Reports page provides recent statistics for the specified period of time and subject. It is the same Reports tab that the Customer sees on its Admin Console Reports tab.

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