The Exported BETA Reports tab enables the Administrator to do the following:

  • View the exported reports history
  • Download exported reports
  • View and download exported reports

The download icon is grayed out when the report is in a In Progress status.

The admin can download any report that is in status Ready.

Reports are exported with all the product license types, and the following administrators can export reports:

  • System Operator
  • Web Security Operator
  • Email Security Operator

The Administrators can continue to use the Admin Console while the report is being generated.

The Exported BETA Reports tab shows a table with a line for every report that was requested for export in the last 48 hours.

The following fields are displayed:



Creation DateThe date and time for the report export request
Report NameThe name taken from the reports catalog
Created by UserThe username of the admin who requested the report export
File Format The format of the file: PDF or CSV
  • In Progress: is displayed when the report is being generated
  • Ready: is displayed when the report is ready, and the admin will be able to download it
Download IconThe exported report starts to download

Click the triangle, and the following details about the exported dashboards are displayed:

  • Included Reports: the included widget name as appear in the reports catalog. 
  • Filters: the exported dashboard's filters values.


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