The Email Summary Dashboard enables the Administrator to instantaneously gain an overview as to general trends, Inbound and Outbound,  in their email traffic. For example:

  • Identify periods of interesting email activity, for example, increased malware, phishing or impostor emails
  • Be able to differentiate activity between different domains
  • Be able to specifically concentrate on certain categories
  • Customers should be able to view specific vs Cyren global data to see if an outbreak is targeted or part of a global outbreak.

The Email Users Overview table shows an overview of the number and types of email threats blocked by the service, and shows the following information:



Licensed UsersShows the number of licensed Users
Active Users

Shows the number of Active Users


Shows the number of malicious files (AV) and includes activities classified by threat name and type

File Attachment Control

Shows the number of retrieved file attachments that were inspected and analysed for known threats.

Zero Day Outbreaks

Shows the number of Zero Day Outbreaks
SpamShows the number of emails that were classified as spam

Advertising Spam

Shows the number of bulk emails that were removed
Solicited BulkShows the number of bulk emails that were filtered out

Email fraud

Shows the number of fraudulent emails

Email Summary Dashboard

The Email Summary Dashboard includes a predefined set of widgets:

  1. Email Message Types Trend
  2. Top Targeted Domains
  3. Top Targeted Users - Email
  4. Overall Message Types 

Availability Per License Type

The widget is available to accounts with the Email protection licenses.

Visibility Per Admin Role

The widget is visible to the following Admin roles:

  • System Operator
  • Email Security Operator
  • Basic Operator

Filtering the Reports

The dashboard includes a single area of filters that are applied to all the widgets in the dashboard. For a detailed explanation of the filters, click here

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