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Partners that are creating a reseller network (see Building a Reseller Network), may want to create not only new Customers, but also new Partners. The first stage in creating a new Partner involves defining the Account Information for the Partner and the Administrator details for the first Administrator.

Account Information

In the Account Information area, enter the following information:

  • Partner name: a mandatory field that details the Partner name. This can be changed by editing the field.
  • Region name: the name of the geographic region where the Partner is located. Available options are: US or EU. This is assigned when the Partner is created and cannot be edited. This option enables the implementation of multi-regional data sovereignty.


When creating a new Partner, you must create a Partner Portal Administrator. This will be the person responsible for managing and monitoring the sales network of that Partner. The Partner has the option of creating additional Administrators in the Partner Portal.

Once the Partner is created, a welcome email will be sent to the registered Administrator.

 After confirming all required fields have been completed, click Next to continue.

This opens the Contract page.

The Administrator’s contact information will be taken as the default contact information for the Support and Sales contact information. The Partners’ Support and Sales contact information is used in email notifications sent to Customers and Partners in the Partners’ sales network. The Support and Sales contact information can be updated. See Ongoing Partner Management section.
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