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It is possible to grant a Partner access to its Customer's data. There are several reasons why this may be beneficial to both the Partner and the Customer, including enabling the Partner to:

  • Offer support and troubleshooting.
  • Optimize and improve detection and service.
  • Take an active role in assisting the Customer to manage and configure their Web Security services.
  • Monitor account activity for contractual and billing purposes.

When enabled, the Partner will have access to the Dashboard, Reports, and User Activity of the Customer by clicking on the Manage Service link in the Partner Portal (available when the Partner clicks on the Customer's name in the Partners and Customers Tree).

The following options can be configured to control customer data access privileges

To configure customer data access privileges:

On the Contract Data page of the New Partner Wizard, scroll down to the Permissions section.

In the Customer data access privileges section, you can enable one of the following options:



This partner cannot access any customer data

If this option is selected, the Partner does not have any access to customer data.

This partner is granted Support services privileges - can access customer dashboard, reports and User Activity only

If this option is selected, the Partner has read-only access to the Customer's data in order to provide support services. This information is available by selecting a Customer and viewing the Overview and Report tabs data. By default, this option is enabled. However, the Customer has the option of revoking this privilege from the Partner.

This partner is granted Manage services privileges. The partner has full management privileges from the customer side:

If this option is selected, the Partner has full read and write access to the Customer data in order to support a full-managed service business model. This information is available by selecting a Customer and then clicking the Manage Service option located in the top right corner of the browser window. The Manage Service option will launch the Web Security Service Admin Console of the selected Customer. For this privilege to take effect, the Customer must grant this privilege explicitly by specifying this setting on the Admin Console Accounts Settings page.

Data access is not an inherited feature. This means it must be granted on a Partner by Partner basis for each partner. At all times, Customers have the option, in their Admin Console, to revoke Manage Service and Support Service. The Customer's data privacy settings are displayed in the Partner Portal's Account Info for each customer.

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