Once the Feed has been created, the Feed Details appears on the page below.

  1. Create a Feed. Click here to see how to create a feed.
  2. Open the Feed Details that you want to create a Token for via the Edit action .

  3. Enter the Token information:

    Token NameThere is a predefined token name (Token 1)

    (Optional) Enter a comment

    Created atThe date and time of the feed is automatically populated
    Expire on

    (Default) today + 1 year.

    You have the option of selecting the expiry date

    Edit: Click   to configure the token 

    Add: Click   to add a new token 

  4. Click . The Token Created window is displayed.

    Copy and store this token, as Cyren cannot recover this token. However, if you misplace this token, you do have the option of creating as many tokens as you need.

  5. Click Close. The token has been created.

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