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A new customer is created in the Partner Portal. For each customer, an Admin user is created. Once created, the Admin user is responsible for onboarding users, creating policies and rules, and overseeing the management of the Web Security services via the Admin Console. In addition, a license is generated for each new customer. By default, the generated license is an Evaluation license valid for 30 days.

The Customer is added to the system by using the Create Customer Wizard in the Partner Portal. This involves the following:

To access the Create Customer Wizard, a Partner should click the link located in the upper left corner of the Partner Portal.

To Create a New Customer

  1. Select the level to create the new Customer, and click
  2. The workspace displays the Add New Customer data.
  3. The workspace opens in the Account tab.
  4. Under Account Information enter the Customer’s name and region. The Partner Parent is automatically displayed.
  5. Select or unselect products and permissions as required by the contract.
  6. The Administrators section shows your user name as the new account Administrator.
    Note: The administrator can see all Partners and customers created by their Partner organization. The Administrator has full admin permissions for all of the sub-Partners and Customers. 
  7.  Click Create. The workspace displays a successful creation notice.
  8. Click on the new Customer on the left hand side, to continue configuring the Customer’s parameters.
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