The Branding section of the Settings page under the Account tab, enables you to customize the Users page  and pages that an end-user may see if they:

  • Log into the system, change a password, etc.
  • Are unable to access content (Block).
  • Access a site that may contain content that may be insecure or unacceptable according to the company's AUP (Notify).
  • Access the organization's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Branding options include:



Company icon

Specifies your preferred favicon (typically a small icon associated with your web page and seen in the browser by end-users).

  • There is currently no limit on the size of the uploaded favicon, but it must be an .ico file
  • The recommended display size for the favicon is 64*64 pixels or 32*32 pixels

Company logo

A logo image you wish end-users to see when viewing a landing page.

  • There is no limit on the size of the uploaded logo.
  • It is recommended to use the a .jpeg or .png format.
  • The recommended image ratio for the logo would be 6:1[width:heigth]. 
  • When displayed in the block page the dimensions will be scaled down to max width: 200 pixels and max height: 100 pixels

Images are scaled to 90*130 pixels when displayed in the Admin Console (branding section)

Click the Upload icon on either image to upload the image you wish to use.

Support Contact Email

In the Settings Page, On the right side of the Branding section, the Support contact email field enables you to specify a contact email address that can be used by end-users to contact support if they are having problems with the Web Security service. This address is included in the default messages displayed on all end-user pages requiring a Support contact link.

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