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An audit log report is a report that records all the actions that were performed in the Admin Console, which can help you find an error when troubleshooting, or show you how a user in your organization modified a resource.

 The audit log report is accessed from the Reports page.

An audit log report is beneficial to the Administrator/ customer for the following reasons:

  • Auditing and Compliance: identifies who and when an operation was initiated, or who was associated with a certain security event. This information then can be used to highlight where training and/or disciplinary actions are needed.
  • Intrusion Attempt:  Unusual or unauthorized security incidents can be detected through the review of log data. The definition of what constitutes unusual activity varies, but can include failed login attempts, login attempts outside of designated schedules.
  • Troubleshooting problems: In the same way that log data can be used to identify security events, it can be used to identify problems that need to be addressed.
  • Risk Management: Audit logs can play an important part in a business’ overall risk management strategy, demonstrating to customers, business partners and regulators that an organization has made a thorough effort to protect against and prevent potential problems before they occur.

The audit log records of all transactions enable you to review past results and activity. By default, audit log transactions are stored for 12 months.

Audit logs can be searched or filtered based on the following parameters:




Shows when an operation was initiated.


Shows who was associated with a certain audit log event.


Shows the object that was created, modified, or deleted

Search for

Helps you to find a specific audit log or operation that was initiated.

Export to

Enables you to export the audit log details to a CSV format, providing you with quick access to valuable information.

Note: The displayed time will be impacted by the time zone selection in the Settings page>Account tab. For more information, see Default Time Zone.

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