You can add Admin users to assist in managing end-users, set and apply policies, view reports and more. To learn more about what Admin Users can do, see About Administrators.

To add an Admin:

  1. On the Settings page, open the Account tab, and scroll down to the Administrators pane.
  2. In the Administrators table, In the bottom row of the table, click the email address field, and enter the email account of the Admin. This is a mandatory field.
  3. Enter the new Admin user's first and last names in the appropriate columns. These are mandatory fields.
  4. Once an Admin is created, a Welcome email notification is automatically sent to the Admin. If you wish to resend the email, enabling the user to set (or in the future reset) the password, click the email envelope symbol ( ).
  5. By default, when a new Admin user is created, the user is given the role of System Operator in the Admin Permissions field. You can edit this role by clicking the edit icon ( ).
  6. Click  sign to add the new user.
  7. Click Save to save the update to the Admin table. Your changes are saved automatically.
If you wish to send the welcome message to several Administrators at the same time, you can toggle all rows in the table by clicking on the square next to the email envelope in the header row of the table. Click the envelope to send emails to all listed Administrators. You can also individually select or deselect from the list.
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