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Configure the SAML Assertions to be moderated to Cyren for identifying the user, which includes the group membership, department and full name parameters.

To add a claim rule

  1. In the AD FS 2.0 Management window, open the Trust Relationships > Relying Party Trusts folder.
  2. Right-click the relying party trust that you created Cyren SSO, and select Edit Claim Rules...

  3. When the Edit Claim Rules window appears, click Add Rule.

  4. In the Add Transform Claim RuleWizard window, select Choose Rule Type, and then select Send LDAP Attributes as Claims, and click Next.
  5. The Configure Rule window is displayed.
  6. Select Configure Claim Rule.
    • In the Claim rule name, type in a name for the claim rule - CyrenSSO Claims.
    • From the Attribute Store menu, select Active Directory.
    • Map the LDAP attributes that represent the user login name and email to fields in the Outgoing Claim Type:
      • Map the LDAP Attribute for E-Mail-Addresses for login name to an outgoing claim type E-Mail Address.
      • Map the User-Principal-Name attribute for User-Principal-Name for login name to an outgoing claim type UPN. 
    • Click Finish.


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