You can add Admin users to assist in monitor and manage the Web Security service and the Partners and Customers within the sales channel. You can enable them to, set and apply policies, view reports and more. To learn more about what Admin Users can do, see About Administrators.

To add an Admin:

  1. On the Settings page, open the Account tab.
  2. In the Administrators table, navigate to the bottom row and enter the email address of the new Admin user you wish to create. (Mandatory)
  3. In the next two columns, enter the first and last name of the new Admin user. (Optional, but recommended).
  4. Click the add user icon to create a new Admin user definition.
  5. After the Admin user is added, a Welcome email notification is automatically sent to the Admin. If you wish to resend the email, enabling the user to set (or in the future reset) the password, click the email envelope symbol.
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