The Account Tab displays the following information:

  • Account Info
  • License
  • Administrators
You must click Save before navigating away from the page or any changes you make to the settings will not be saved.



Account Info

The Account Info area displays information related to the Partner, as defined when it was originally created (or subsequently edited). Other than the Parent name field, you can edit the other values as needed.

Partner name

A mandatory field that details the Partner name. This can be changed by editing the field.

Region name

The name of the geographic region where the Partner is located. For example, USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc. This is assigned when the Partner is created and cannot be edited. This option enables the implementation of multi-regional data sovereignty.

Support Contact

The Support Contact area displays the Email Address where support inquiries will be sent. This address appears in all email notifications and screens relating to licensing and sales events.

Sales Contact

This is the email address used for all sales-related inquiries.

The default Sales Contact is the name of the Administrator first registered to the system (by default, the System Operator).


The Administrators section provides a list of currently defined Administrators users.

Additional Administrators can be created in this table as well. The information detailed here includes:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Welcome Email (to enable you to resend welcome emails to an Administrator)
  • Admin Permissions level (see Roles_and_Permissions)
  • Add/Remove (to add a new Admin or to delete an existing one)

Each time a new Administrator is created, an email is sent automatically to the Administrators with a welcome message and information about how to log in to the Partner Portal.

The email can be resent by clicking the mail icon located in the Welcome Email column beside each Administrator.

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