Admin users are added to the system on the Setting's page, under the Account tab in the Administrators pane, and have the following responsibilities, as appropriate:

  • Onboard users. Options include onboarding:
    • By manually adding individual end-users to the Web Security service or creating groups and then creating users within each group.
    • By synchronizing the Web Security service with the Active Directory (AD) to add users and groups.
Users (and groups) that have been added by the synchronization process cannot be modified or deleted manually.
  • Define the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and determine the AUP to be displayed to the end user.
  • Create Internet policies that define user access from policy templates (and create new policies as needed).
  • Associate policies to end-users, roaming users, groups, locations, etc.
  • Route end-user traffic to the cloud by:
    • Configuring a PAC file (review and edit them as needed) and configuring users’ browsers to use the PAC file.
    • Installing Windows Agents to route all desktop’s/laptop’s traffic to the cloud.
    • Performing proxy chaining, chaining the onsite proxy’s traffic to the Web Security proxy in the cloud.
    • Configuring your firewall to forward http traffic to the Web Security Cloud.
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