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Some of the fields that you can update or fetch, may have a type field option.

For example, license type may have the following values:  

"Evaluation","Not For Resale" and "Production"

There is an option to get all available values for a type field using the API call OPTIONS:


Request Example
http -a <admin_email>:<admin_password> OPTIONS https://<host>/api/licenses/

Response Example
  "actions": {     
   "POST": {           
  "product_type": {             
    "choices": [                 
      "display_name": "Evaluation", 
      "value": 1                  
       "display_name": "Not For Resale", 
      "Product type", 
      "read_only": false, 
      "required": true, 
      "type": "choice"          
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