To operate the service, you need the following:

  • Connectivity to via HTTPS
  • Possession of a token API Key, provided by your Cyren account contact

Regional Data Processing

The service usage and processing of files can be affiliated to either a US or EU region.

The selection of the sandbox service domain name determines the location of the customer's data processing.

Data processing for EU customers is limited to Cyren’s data centers located in the European Union.

  • To ensure that data will be processed from the servers located in the EU region, use the domain
  • To ensure that data will be processed from the servers located in the US region, use the domain
Requests to the domain will be affiliated to the EU region by default


For any communication with the service, a token API Key is required. The API key represents the license key provided to you by Cyren. The API Key is case sensitive and must be passed as an HTTPS Request Header named X-TOKEN-KEY. To obtain an API key please approach your account manager.

All responses are made in JSON format, without any line breaks. In this guide, however, some examples are shown with line breaks for better clarity.

API Changes and Backward Compatibility 

Information about the current and backward compatibility of the API can be viewed.

V1.1 shows the current API version.   

The following services are available:

Threat Lookup

Enhanced Threat Lookup

Sandbox Analysis

Sandbox Analysis Report

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