Service Update 13 December 2018

File Upload Limit Enforcement

Threat Lookup API version 1.1 was enhanced with the ability to enforce file uploads based on the license limits.

An indication is received in the response of a File Upload attempt when the file upload limit is reached.

The indication appears with a new http_status_code 429. 

For more details, see the API Guide.

There are two options for enforcing the File Upload limit, depending on your licence preference:

  • An indication is returned when the file upload limit was reached, and additional uploads are prevented
  • An indication is returned when the file upload limit was reached and additional uploads are allowed

API Version 1.0 End Of Life

Threat Lookup API version 1.0 will be discontinued on the 31st March 2019. 

Service Update 17 August 2018

API Version 1.1

Sandbox API version 1.1 includes some fixes to API version 1.0.

The API fixes are generally relevant to standardizing all API responses to be in JSON format.  

For more details, see the API Guide 

API Version 1.0 will currently remain supported. An "End Of Life" message will be sent in the future.

Service Update 24 May 2018

GDPR Compliance

Cyren is committed to meeting our customers’ privacy requirements, including compliance with the GDPR. See

For more information see General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Regional Data Processing

The service usage and processing of files can be affiliated to either a US or EU region. The selection of the sandbox service domain name determines the location of the customer's data processing.

Data processing for EU customers is limited to Cyren’s data centers located in the European Union.

  • To ensure that data will be processed from the servers located in the EU region, use the domain
  • To ensure that data will be processed from the servers located in the US region, use the domain

Requests to the domain will be affiliated to the EU region by default.

Version 1.0

What's New?

  • ThreatLookup API, providing capabilities such as hash lookup, file upload and download of report and artifacts 

  • Array of sandbox engines offering hybrid static and multiple dynamic analysis

  • Analysis on all Windows operating system versions

  • Anti-evasion techniques, increasing detection and reducing false positives

  • Integration with Cyren's Threat Intelligence ecosystem

  • HTTPS inspection analyzing encrypted network traffic

  • Integrated intrusion detection system for detecting suspicious network traffic

  • Internet simulation for unreachable domains

  • Automated human interaction (key strokes, mouse movements)

  • Comprehensive report in JSON format consolidating multi-analysis results
  • Access to analysis artifacts: Screenshots, PCAP files and dropped files

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