Cyren Threat Lookup API allows service providers and Cyren solution partners to easily access the next generation of sandboxing, integrating a powerful security layer with advanced malware detection and analysis for enhanced web protection, email protection, endpoint protection or breach response.

Cyren Cloud Sandbox Array protects against today’s evasive zero-day threats with an easy-to-use, cost-effective cloud-based solution. Powered by Cloud Sandbox Array technology, an industry first, the sandbox service analyzes suspicious files and URLs and returns analysis via a robust set of API’s.

 As a cloud-based service, it can be quickly deployed, requiring minimal set-up and configuration of the API calls, and scales easily and automatically, utilizing Cyren’s highly elastic global cloud infrastructure. The service is fully integrated with the Cyren GlobalViewTM Threat Intelligence cloud, and delivers the fastest threat analysis with the highest accuracy.

Cyren Sandbox Service provides multiple layers of detection, offered as different packages, ranging from a high-speed threat lookup layer to complete multi-sandbox analysis delivered with a forensic report.

The service offers the following packages:

  • Threat Lookup:  Zero hour detection for file hash queries utilizing Cyren's threat intelligence cloud
  • Enhanced Threat Lookup: Enhanced detection for uploaded files using anti-malware heuristics
  • Sandbox Analysis: Static and multiple dynamic analyses of uploaded files in array of sandboxes, providing detection results for emerging advanced threats
  • Sandbox Analysis Report: Consolidated sandbox analysis report, indicators of compromise and analysis artifacts

For more information about the service usage, refer to the API Guide.


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